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Dashen Naidoo

Proudly South African Web Developer, Android App and C# Developer

About Me

A proudly South African Web Developer...
and More...

Hey guys, I'm Dashen, a Web Developer, who specializes in HTML, CSS, Javascript and have found myself interested in learning C# in MVC applications for a secured web experience. I started out as an IT Operations Specialist but now found that programming in general is fun and intriguing. With my growing experience in web development, I find that the Web is continuously changing and in turn it gets me hyped to learn the new technology.


I'm Back. Below, you will find the services I currently offer

  • Web Development
  • C# MVC Web Applications
  • Firebase Applications
  • Adobe Photoshop & After Effects
  • Debugging
  • Social Media Content Creation

Contact Me

For a trial or if you're interested in any of the services offered, please drop me a mail via the contact box below.

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